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Small robotic head offers big ad-Vantage over PTZ

A new compact robotic head that is claimed to be the first to be truly camera agnostic has been launched by Vinten. The new head should be ideal for smaller studios and offers an alternative to more limited pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

The Vinten Vantage offers on-air-quality movement and can be used with a wide range of pro cameras, such as Canon’s C300 or Sony’s FS7. “We’ve developed it to embrace a change in studio models, where smaller and lighter cameras and lenses are being used,” said Neil Gardener, product manager for robotics and automation at Vinten. It will cost €6,000/£5,000 in December.

“There’s not been a professional robotic studio head anywhere near this price before,” he claimed.

It is should enable high-end moving pre-set shots and can be used with either servo or (less expensive) manual lenses, allowing users to more easily match their other cameras than a PTZ can. “We’ve seen a lot of PTZ cameras going in to broadcast studios, and this is a great alternative,” he added.

Features include: continuous variable speed control and full synchronisation of any movement; lightweight form factor; ability to work with existing HD-VRC control; tally; integrated level bubble; and more flexible positioning compared to a PTZ constrained by the range of its internal, non-interchangeable lens.