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Seven stations launched in seven months

UK broadcaster That’s TV (TTV) this summer launched seven local television stations over a period of just seven months. The new facilities rely heavily on software systems and hardware components from aQ Broadcast, which is talking about the project in the British Pavilion.

Each station operates on an identical Local Contribution kit, which includes a Network Gateway connection to the main TTV backbone, video engines from aQ Broadcast providing record, review and playback capability, along with local storage and the aQ QSeries suite of software products; QTx for programme scheduling and playout, along with graphics and branding insertions, and QNews for news programme production.

Neil Hutchins. CEO, aQ Broadcast, said: “The schedule for the 2017 TTV station launches was aggressive to say the least. Each station employs just about everything we make.”

The most recent activity is phase two of the TTV station deployment across Britain. “The four phase-one stations operated on a local standalone model, which wasn’t very scalable.

Using our technology TTV converted them over to the centralised model over the summer,” he said.