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Second generation CAS system

CQRCAS is Xcrypt’s second generation conditional access system for digital pay-TV and content delivery. Described as complete and compact, it is said to include all necessary core functions as well as numerous advanced conditional access features, enhanced security and enforced headend utilities.

Support for DVB-S/S2, C, T/T2, IPTV and VoD are provided, and Xcrypt claimed CQRCAS to be scalable from small headends to millions of subscribers.

Xcrypt’s CAMCAS is designed for smaller operators and is based on CAS on scrambling. It is DVB CI compliant. According to the company, CAMCAS enables cost-effective yet secure distribution of valuable content through local independent operators in B2B operations. It is also adapted to the needs of hospitality and multi-unit dwelling headends where these require encryption. Xcrypt says it is also appropriate for content delivery networks.