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Rascular: Helm heads for central control

Direct access to a much wider range of routers can now be delivered by the latest version of the Helm control software. Helm uses a single customisable interface to control third-party equipment, such as branding devices, routers, servers, VTRs, multiviewers and modular gear.

Grass Valley (formerly Miranda) Densité modular products are the latest to be supported, which Rascular said would allow fast access to card functions at the touch of a button.

Recent back-end upgrades have seen Helm also offer control of Blackmagic Videohubs, Grass Valley native protocol routers and Sierra Video’s Aspen router range.

The latest version of the company’s PC-based router control system is also on show. RouteMaster now includes support for hardware control panels from Blackmagic, Nevion and Sierra. It can also handle router stacking, combining multiple independent routers to form a single, multilayer router.

Using RouteMaster Web Panels, operators can control routers from computers, tablets and mobile phones. Use of the latest HTML5 and Javascript standards allows the panels to work with all major browsers on all major platforms, as well as offering fully customised appearance and functions via drag and drop design.