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Queue forms for SkyPanel LEDs

The new SkyPanel range of LED soft lights will ship after IBC and already has “a tremendous amount of pre-orders”, said Markus Zeiler, Arri’s general manager, lighting.

The full colour-tuneable C models are currently the most popular (with about 80% of orders), “because of their versatility”, especially for the rental business, but Zeiler believes the remote phosphor (RP) models will probably be popular with studios, who will generally only want one colour temperature and will be attracted by their 30% cost saving – users can slide in different panels to change the colour temperature.

There are two sizes: 60cm (400W) and 30cm (200W) panels, in both C and RP versions, with prices ranging from €2190 for the S30 RP to €4690 for the S60 C.

The C models are DMX tuneable from 2800K to 10,000K, and are fully RGB colour variable.

The panels can be optionally fitted with Anton/Bauer or V-Mount plates that can each take two batteries.

There are also a wide range of accessories available, which are stackable and can be swapped out without having to take off the other accessories, which include a new intensifier that gives 50% more light in the centre while maintaining a soft, even beam of light.

Arri has also introduced two new high-speed ballasts for high-speed recording. The EB 12/18 HS and EB 6/9 HS AutoScan ballasts, enable flicker-free extreme slow-motion with discharge lamps in the 9kW, 12kW and 18kW power classes (such as the Arrimax or M90)., 11.F21