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Pay-TV has “goofed up”

“TV should be an easy, pleasurable and instantly immersive experience but in pay-TV we almost goofed up – we’ve given people a coffee table full of remotes and fragmented content and apps.”

There was no disagreement from other panel members with this statement from Ivan Verbesselt, senior vice president of marketing at Nagra, during Sunday’s ‘Next-Gen TV UX’ session, which explored the challenges of creating a seamless viewing experience in a world of de-bundling and standalone OTT services.

Verbesselt added that while IBC was a B2B show, vendors should be thinking of themselves as selling UX solutions that are B2B4C. “‘We need to see huge simplifications going forward – there is a huge stretch between what people do and what we would like them to do.”

Google’s head of Android, Sascha Prueter, noted that viewer interaction with TV was key. “We have to decide whether the old remote control is really the right vehicle for this interaction and, if so, how we can integrate this with other devices. Moving forward, I think that voice would be a better interaction model.”