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New SynView Multiviewer launched

Launched at IBC is the SynView modular multiviewer, capable of handling 4K and multiple IP video formats.

Axon claimed it developed the product to ensure that SynView can support whatever video transport mechanism the industry chooses to adopt.

Designed for use as a standalone unit or as part of an Axon Synapse signal processing system, SynView is aimed at a wide range of applications and from small to extremely large monitoring walls.

Claimed to be the only single field latency ([email protected] and [email protected]) multiview system on the market, its modular nature means that it can be combined with over 300 different processing modules to provide a system that is said to truly stand out from the competition.

The new SynView consists of two basic models, each available in two versions (SDI I/O or Ethernet I/O). These versions can be mixed and matched to build a hybrid multiviewer with up to hundreds of inputs and eight 1080p heads (on SDI) or two heads with UHD/4K resolution.

Multiple connector panels will be available to allow for different I/O configurations.

Compared to earlier systems, SynView’s feature set has been significantly enhanced, said the company, with double the amount of inputs, eight times the amount of outputs (heads), UHD/4K/60Hz output resolution on display outputs and a 6-fold increase of processing power. The system can now scale, position, de-embed, overlay and process eight video channels.