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My IBC: Matt Stagg, sport, media and entertainment technology innovator

The final instalment of our My IBC series features Matt Stagg, formerly BT Sport’s mobile and immersive strategy director, who is looking forward to learning insight on practical applications of immersive technologies and AI

What’s your typical IBC routine: what are you there to see/learn, who are you there to meet?

Typically, my IBC routine revolves around the invaluable chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues in the industry. Given the global nature of our field, it’s a rarity to have the opportunity to meet and engage with so many individuals in such a concentrated timeframe. Beyond the formalities of structured meetings, it is during these casual encounters that new ideas blossom and unexpected opportunities arise. IBC serves as a catalyst for these impromptu conversations, where the sparks of innovation are ignited, fostering a vibrant atmosphere conducive to the cultivation of fresh perspectives and fruitful collaborations.

Why is IBC important to you in a professional capacity, and how does the show compare to others on the calendar?

IBC holds tremendous professional significance for me as it offers a glimpse into the diverse landscape of technological advancements. Covering a wide range of technologies, IBC provides a platform to witness firsthand how companies are effectively implementing these innovations. It’s fascinating to witness the increasing convergence between the communications industry and media/entertainment, with even telco companies now actively participating in discussions on topics like 5G. Additionally, IBC serves as a valuable educational opportunity, allowing me to expand my understanding of areas within the industry where my knowledge may be limited. The exceptional quality of the keynotes and panels further sets IBC apart, making it a standout event on the calendar. In summary, IBC’s professional importance lies in its ability to showcase technological trends, foster industry convergence, and provide educational insights.

What are you most looking forward to at IBC 2023?

I am genuinely thrilled about the upcoming IBC 2023, particularly because I’m eager to witness the tangible implementation of the much-discussed AI and immersive technologies into actual workflows and user experiences. It’s a remarkable moment when the theoretical buzz evolves into practical applications, and I’m excited to explore these advancements first hand. One area that is bound to generate considerable excitement is the imminent launch of Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to create quite a stir. I’m genuinely intrigued to gather insights and perspectives from industry experts and colleagues, as their takes on this ground-breaking development will undoubtedly be valuable. And, of course, after an eventful day of exploration, nothing beats the joy of unwinding with friends at the beach bar, enjoying a few refreshing drinks and sharing stories from the day’s experiences.