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My IBC: Kyran Speirs, head of post production, Arrow Media

Arrow Media’s Kyran Speirs explains why he doesn’t see IBC just as an event, but as a “vibrant convergence of ideas and technologies, fueling our industry’s growth”, comparing it to the Glastonbury of TV technology shows in Europe.

What’s your typical IBC routine: what are you there to see/learn, who are you there to meet?

Discovering the heart of IBC at RAI Amsterdam is an annual adventure filled with exciting objectives. On the first day, amidst the ever-changing themes, I embark on a journey to familiarise myself with the venue, locate key spots, and connect with our trusted solution providers and potential new suppliers. Beyond the grandiose stands, I find joy in seeking out hidden gems on the fringes, which often offer thrilling surprises.

IBC offers a glimpse into the future of media, and as an avid trend-seeker, I am naturally drawn to anything AI-based. The event’s dynamic atmosphere allows me to reunite with friends and partners, like Limecraft from Belgium, who I discovered here years ago and have since become vital to Arrow’s success. We will share sweet moments over chocolates at their stand.

I also prioritise engaging with Jigsaw and other post production houses/providers, such as Molinare, Halo, Salon, Fifty Fifty, Envy, and Clear Cut, fostering lasting connections. Additionally, I eagerly visit industry giants Avid and Blackmagic, while exploring the latest innovations from Sony, Canon, Red, and Arri.

IBC is not just an event; it’s a vibrant convergence of ideas and technologies, fueling our industry’s growth. With anticipation building, I can’t wait to embrace the camaraderie and excitement of this year’s IBC at RAI Amsterdam. 

Why is IBC important to you in a professional capacity, and how does the show compare to others on the calendar?

IBC holds immense significance in my professional capacity for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a refreshing escape from London while presenting a fantastic opportunity to connect with numerous esteemed colleagues who gather at the event. The sheer scale of IBC is a spectacle in itself, attracting professionals from all corners of the globe.

The networking opportunities are unparalleled, providing a platform to interact with peers, learn about emerging companies, explore new prospects, and dive into the latest technological advancements. The excitement of discovering innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in a vibrant city like Amsterdam is truly invigorating.

Comparing IBC to other shows on the calendar, it stands out as an all-encompassing event, akin to the Glastonbury of TV technology shows in Europe. Unlike more tailored exhibitions, IBC caters to the entire broadcast spectrum, appealing to engineers, creatives, and social-minded individuals alike. 

The diversity of offerings ensures there’s something for everyone, making it an inclusive and enriching experience for attendees from various professional backgrounds.

In conclusion, IBC’s significance lies in the unparalleled networking opportunities, exposure to new companies and technologies, and the comprehensive spectrum it covers. As a professional in the industry, attending IBC is not just an event, but an exhilarating journey that fosters growth, expands horizons and strengthens connections within the broadcasting world.

What are you most looking forward to at IBC 2023?

I find IBC incredibly important as it always offers a captivating glimpse into the future, particularly this year with regard to artificial intelligence (AI). I’m intrigued by AI’s potential as a supportive technology rather than a job-replacing force. The discussions on grading, sound design, and mixing are captivating to a point however for me you cannot beat the imagination and sheer wonder of a human artistic mind. I am however personally very interested in exploring AI’s admin applications, such as contracts, facial recognition and object learning.

Moreover, I’m eager to stay updated on the cloud’s sustainable advancements. Beyond AI, I value staying focused on traditional workflows, keeping abreast of Avid, Protools, FilmLight, Da Vinci software updates, and new hardware.

Additionally, I keenly observe developments in cameras and lenses, ensuring I’m well-informed on the latest innovations. IBC’s dynamic environment enables me to embrace all these exciting aspects of the industry.