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Multiscreen TV, single application

Create your own TV show about the Spanish district elections and manage its publication across multiple screens by heading over to the MediaScape EU in the IBC Future Zone.

Using web libraries developed by the research project, the user can personalise views across multiple devices, with different cameras in the political parties’ headquarters, realtime district information, interact through social networks and manage the multi-device application across any kind of connected device.

The MediaScape EU project, which runs until March 2016, intends to help broadcasters deliver a socially engaging experience across multiple screens for broadcast and streamed content.

The need for the creation and maintenance of totally different services and applications in order to be compatible with all approaches to market – such as iOS, Android, HbbTV – will be eliminated, resulting in the creation and provision of a single application that serves all target environments.

The idea is that MediaScape will make it as easy to create multiscreen applications as it is to create an HTML web page. Applications will automatically adapt to specific target devices. The R&D team helping to coordinate the project, TIE Kinetix, said it is working on helping broadcasters to provide ‘a socially engaging experience across multiple screens for broadcast and streamed content, and associated applications’ in order to provide a more consistent multi-device and multi-user media service.

Juan Vicente Vidagany, CTO, TIE Kinetix, explained, “TIE Kinetix is the manager and promoter of the mini-cluster as a result of a EU initiative to engage the research projects in a more collaborative environment.”