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graphyne2 pay-TV suite extended

Responding to operators’ requirement for agility and fast answers in a changing environment, ADB has extended its graphyne2 pay-TV suite. graphyne2 includes a family of solutions that are designed for pay-TV in online, hybrid and broadcast scenarios, said the company.

It builds on ADB’s graphyne2 Multiscreen end-to-end solution for two-way cable, IPTV and OTT, and is said to be appropriate for satellite, terrestrial and more traditional cable as graphyne2 Hybrid; it is available for the Android TV ecosystem as graphyne2 Android.

The online hybrid and broadcast solutions offer consistent user experience and are managed by a single graphyne2 service delivery platform and application server.

With one setup, ADB said that the operator can run all these services in parallel, or start with one delivery methodology and extend or shift to another, while offering consumers a smooth, flexible and personalised migration path between broadcast to the online world.graphyne2 UX is designed to be independent of the hardware and middleware.

However, it is pre-integrated with various ADB set-top boxes and middleware, RDK and Android TV.