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TV NOVA broadcasts with Aveco

V NOVA, the new channel from Czech TV station CET21 is now on-air, with Aveco’s ASTRA Studio 2.

TV NOVA, the channel from Czech TV station CET21 is now on-air, with Aveco’s ASTRA Studio 2. ASTRA Studio 2 will completely automate the channel’s news studio production for Televizní noviny. The news studio automation solution includes a MOS interface to newsroom computer systems including Octopus, ENPS, Avid iNEWS and Open Media.

“Nova was faced with a difficult challenge: their creative people created a visually impressive look for the show, but one that was technically difficult to implement,” said Pavel Potuzak, Aveco’s managing director. “ASTRA Studio 2 provided the ability to automate the complex graphics and other live production functions so that all that is required is a push of a button by the operator.”

ASTRA Studio 2 controls production switchers, graphic devices, video servers, robotic cameras, audio, lighting, among other studio devices. Studio 2 comes with a multi-screen customisable user interface, a new preproduction mode for making corrections in a show before airtime. Additionally, new journalist tools have been developed with the aim of simplifying story production.

With Studio 2, a single operator can control live production from the control pane while the application controls all the equipment involved with the broadcast. A single button control activates new stories with camera angles, lighting, audio, video roll-ins, graphics and production switcher effects.

“Aveco’s ASTRA Studio 2 controls all our key devices in the news studio in a way that allowed us to design a very complex and visually attractive on-air look for our newscast,” said Josef Uher, CTO of TV Nova. “This new on-air look helps strengthen our news leadership with our viewers.”

Learn more about ASTRA Studio 2 is use at the SWR news complex in Germany:

Aveco’s ASTRA Studio 2 controls news production at SWR, Germany from AVECO on Vimeo.