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Moving into the new era

A wonderful example of broadcasters doing it for themselves is the EBU PEACH project, a single sign-on and recommendation system.

“We have a slight presence of ‘Personalisation for EACH’ at the show, but the guys building it are too busy to attend,” said Simon Fell, director of the EBU technology and innovation department.

“We ran a co-development project that was unique, with EBU members providing the software developers. We acted as product owner and scrum master, and the PEACH software is already in use at RTS, Bayerischer Rundfunk, and RTP in Portugal,” said Fell.

“By doing it with the members we have ended up spreading the load, and we have a product that is developed equally for all,” he added. “People can either host it on the open cloud, build their own private cloud, or host it with us. We have an active working recommendation that is handling millions of events a day.

Further proof of Fell’s claim is the EBU Flow project, which involves delivering content online. “The complexity is that you usually have to deliver that online content through a CDN, and usually choose one and sign a contract. Pricing has been the biggest driver, but people are getting more concerned about quality as well,” he said.

“We have been switching between multiple CDNs using a platform that we are now providing to members. It gives them load balancing, quality of service measurement and the switch between networks.”