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Monetising podcasts

The streaming media specialist is demonstrating how its solutions help broadcasters maximise the scope and effectiveness of their monetisation efforts, using dynamic ad insertion within on-demand content such as podcasts.

Complementing the company’s dynamic pre-roll and mid-roll advertising capabilities for live streams and part of its evolving SaaS toolset, the on-demand functions use the latest advances in targeting technologies to deliver advertisements most likely to resonate with each listener, while keeping ads timely and relevant for consumers downloading ‘long-tail’ evergreen content.

Less effective approaches to advertising in podcasts and other on-demand content insert ads into the downloadable media when the files are initially published. As a result, all listeners hear the same ads regardless of their location or interests, and someone downloading the content years later would still hear the same, now-outdated commercials.

In contrast, StreamGuys’ dynamic advertising capabilities insert ads into the on-demand files only at the time the content is requested, making use of available information about the listener – from geographic location to other demographic data – to select current campaigns from advertisers or underwriters that best align with that particular subscriber or consumer.

Embedded within the company’s SGrecast system for podcast and side channel creation, StreamGuys’ AdsWizz-enabled, server-side ad-insertion tools enable publishers to deliver dynamic advertising to listeners across a wide array of playback platforms without requiring specialised client software for each target consumer device.

StreamGuys’ browser-based audio editing and ad break tagging tools also improve operational workflows, avoiding the need for additional software applications while accelerating turnaround times.