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Modernising home networks

The proliferation of connected devices in today’s smart home, combined with the increase in video streaming, places strain on in-home WiFi networks, and the worst performing device – usually a smartphone or tablet according to AirTies – can drag down the speed of all other devices in the home.

While service providers are investing heavily to bring faster internet speeds to the home, AirTies claims that conventional WiFi generally prevents subscribers from experiencing broadband speeds consistently throughout the whole home, and inhibits the ability for more connected devices in the smart home of the future.

At IBC, AirTies is demonstrating how in-home WiFi Mesh systems that use multiple access points modernise the home network by replacing the single gateway, or gateway-plus-repeater model, with what it describes as smart and resilient routing to deliver whole-home coverage at better speeds.

Unlike traditional WiFi that relies on a single access point from a router/gateway, the company says that intelligent in-home WiFi transforms all connected devices into co-ordinated WiFi hotspots, to deliver broadband and IP video to all screens throughout the smart home.