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Mixing it together

Automatic microphone mixing algorithms developed in co-operation with Dan Dugan Sound Design have been incorporated in the Yamaha Rivage PM10 console. Yamaha’s flagship console now incorporates up to 64 channels of Dugan Speech System automixing.

This microphone mixing algorithm helps professional audio engineers manage multiple live microphones in situations with unpredictable dialogue.

The Dugan algorithm provides smooth gain control over microphones, instantaneously bringing up the gain of microphones as talkers begin speaking while reducing gain of other microphones. Transitions are seamless, with no changes in overall system gain or background noise.

The algorithm also effectively reduces feedback and comb filter issues, said Dan Dugan.Yamaha has also announced inclusion of Dugan automixing in Yamaha TF Series digital mixers, and has added Dugan automixing algorithms to its CL and QL Series consoles, the MTX Series of digital signal processors and the MRX7-D signal processor.

Dan Dugan Sound Design also manufactures a plug-in card, the Dugan-MY16, for use in selected Yamaha consoles.