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Carrying a torch for sustainability

France Télévisions is preparing to make broadcast history with a 100% cloud-based and 5G/Starlink network

As the host broadcaster of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, France Télévisions is preparing to make broadcast history by broadcasting the relay of the Olympic flame via a 100% cloud-based and 5G/Starlink network.

Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

In partnership with TVU Networks and debuting on May 8, the PARIS 2024 Olympic channel will provide 10 hours of live coverage every day, tracking the 1,625km journey via the app, connected TVs, and digital platforms that host

Committing to greater energy and environmental sustainability, the group is transforming its approach by adopting broadcast workflows that leverage cloud technology, 5G, Starlink, and the use of drones for the flame’s entire journey.

“This innovation gives editorial teams the ability to produce more content with greater adaptability and responsiveness, while controlling costs and maintaining quality standards,” explains Frédéric Brochard, CTO and CIO at France Télévisions.

This approach applies to every facet of production, including live feeds, multi-camera switching, graphics, commentaries, audio mixing, intercom, and playout. The project is built on an AWS infrastructure and leverages TVU Networks’ solutions across the entire media workflow. France Télévisions says the partnership delivers the first end-to-end cloud broadcast for a major event and opens up endless possibilities for new content.