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Metrological: App store support at UPC Hungary

In partnership with ActiveVideo, Metrological has deployed a cloud-based TV app store on UPC Hungary’s HD mediaboxes. Through the partnership, the cable operator was able to launch a TV app store without replacing its existing mediaboxes and the subsequent cost and time losses.

Metrological’s cloud-based approach enabled UPC Hungary to virtualise mediabox functionality, using ActiveVideo’s CloudTV StreamCast platform. To allow access to the UPC TV apps, the Metrological platform uses the thin client application running on the UPC mediaboxes.

Customers have access to a host of new apps such as YouTube, CNN News, Picasa and Facebook on their TVs, while online content providers and app developers can expand their market footprints to include UPC Hungary TV viewers.

The Metrological framework also gives UPC Hungary the flexibility to deliver new content quickly, as the management and deployment of apps is taken care of centrally by Metrological.