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MADI option launch:

A new addition to the MUX22 series has been showcased at IBC, making the platform compatible with the MADI audio format.

Broadcast Manufactur (BroaMan) launched the original MUX22 video, audio and intercom module last year. Offering up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O configurable video ports with built-in CWDM multiplexer, it allows multiple signals to be multiplexed over just one single fibre each.

The new MADI board is populated with four duplex SC MADI ports, offering 256 inputs and 256 outputs, and each MADI port is fully AES10 compatible, offering 56 or 64-channel MADI I/O. As with all MUX22 devices the new MUX22 MADI can support up to eight video channels with a selectable number of dual inputs and dual outputs.

It is also equipped with a sync board for video tri/bi-level or audio word clock sync, either with RS485 or GPIO ports, and can provide fibre tunnels for any third-party products. The audio engine is equipped with a single channel router, enabling routing from/to any MADI stream, either within the same device or between the remote Optocore, BroaMan or ProGrid devices.

“The MADI option will push the MUX22 series even more,” said BroaMan managing director Tine Helme (pictured), adding that the new arrival had already stoked a lot of interest at BroaMan’s IBC stand. “It’s the first day of the show but we’ve already heard of some great new projects and have made some new partners.”