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Leyard: Move over LCD, DLP

LCD and DLP video wall are widely used in traditional broadcasting studios, but the company claims that these display technologies have inherent defects. These include unsatisfactory colour saturation, reproducibility and contrast ratio, as well as poor colour matching, low screen uniformity and high maintenance cost.

As LED technology develops, the company notes, LED screens with smaller pixel pitch LED displays have been launched, enabling broadcast studios to use LED screen as background walls.

Leyard’s LED TV series products are said to enjoy the advantage of high contrast ratios up to 5000:1, refresh rates higher than 3000Hz, high colour saturation and reproducibility, and seamless matching along with Leyard’s exclusive screen correction technology that is said to offer a high degree of screen consistency over its lifetime.

It offers products for control room applications. Here, as well as the advantages the company claims for its broadcast offering, it says that its displays offer high grey-scale reproducibility in low luminance, together with low power consumption, low noise, low heat – the latter two being key characteristics in an environment in which screens are watched for extended periods of time.