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Leader Instruments: 4K waveform monitor upgraded

The LV5490 SD/HD/4K picture and signal monitor from Leader lnstruments has received some significant enhancements, including two-sample interleave, focus assist, frequency deviation auto-correction, phase difference detection, CIE 1931 chart with 4K colour space and user-adjustable measurement display sizes.

“The LV5490 is a high-precision broadcast test instrument with an unprecedented number of features,” said Richard Heath, Leader’s European regional development manager. “It can be used in a very wide range of roles including precise matching of up to four studio or outside broadcast cameras at a time. It also doubles as a picture monitor for production crews working on location. The LV5490’s multi-standard versatility makes this instrument ideal for use in SD, HD and 4K ultra-HD standards, all in one compact housing.”

Up to four channels of 3G-SDI input signals can be displayed simultaneously. Eight input channels are provided – four on dedicated connection ports with cable length measurement capability. The other four channels are configurable as inputs or outputs with pattern generation functions. It has a 9-inch 1920×1080 LCD monitor and offers DVI and HD-SDI rasterizing monitor output.

Shooting in 4K requires particularly careful focus to ensure, and the unit’s new patent-pending Focus Assist enables it to be used for checking low-contrast content and small image detail.

Frequency deviation is now standard, allowing detection, display and automatic correction of any frequency difference that may exist between each of the input signals. It also has phase difference detection, to measure and display any phase discrepancy between input A or an external reference signal and the other input signals.

The unit also has a wide range of test and measurement capabilities, and can do digital audio monitoring and analysis as an option.