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Kaltura: Wowza integrates with Kaltura video

For the first time in Europe, Wowza Media Systems’ streaming engine can be seen working with Kaltura’s open source video platform at IBC2014.

Integrating the two technologies gives Kaltura customers the chance to provide a better and more reliable live streaming experience when ‘broadcasting’ live video to smartphones and tablets, connected TVs, set-top-boxes and games consoles, the company said.

Services can be added via the cloud or locally.

“This integration enhances our live streaming capabilities with features such as live clipping and instant provisioning, providing customers with a proven, scalable and affordable system on which our customers can build a long-term live and on-demand strategy,” explained Kaltura chief executive Ron Yekutiel.

“Wowza’s out-of-the-box system and future-proof technology catapults Kaltura ahead of the competition in the depth and breadth of our live product offering.”

As a result of the integration Kaltura users will be able to transcode a single stream in realtime to multiple formats for cross-device distribution.

It will also be possible to make live streams “seamlessly transition” to VoD within the same video player, removing the need to re-ingest or swap the player embed code.