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Iris supports IMF and Dolby Vision

Iris, Archimedia’s suite of software aimed at enabling team work and speeding up file-based workflow, now has the ability to play back IMF files and support for Dolby Vision.

Regarding these additions, the company related that in December, all Netflix content providers will be asked to send in their content as IMF files, and Archimedia expects other program distributors to follow.

The company also pointed out that high dynamic range (HDR) is gaining traction, and Dolby is rolling out Dolby Vision to allow broadcasters to deliver HDR programming.

Iris 1.0 was introduced during the summer and is a collection of networked applications that enable users of file-based workflows to work as a team, in parallel, no matter their location or choice of file or format.

Mark Gray, CEO, Archimedia, said, “When media workflow was linear, production steps happened one at a time, so teamwork was
less important. But with file-based workflow, different components are worked on in parallel, so more coordination is needed.

“One of the real appeals of Iris is that it supports new file work challenges as soon as they arise,” he added.