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Incubator to push IT interop

The AMWA Networked Media Incubator (NMI) Project, launched at IBC at the same time as the EBU/VSF/SMPTE Joint Taskforce on Networked Media (JMNM) report Reference Media V1.0, has been created to deliver practical interoperability across IP-based infrastructures.

“This is about doing real work. It is not about working to words on a page,” said AMWA executive director Brad Gilmer. “It is about getting a group working together around IP for media and picking a particular technology area that we want to explore. Then we get the people who make the pertinent products and incite them to work together.

“Best of breed is still an important option. Within a particular app there is going to be a manufacturer bound to build a really good thing,” he added. “They want to pick and choose and make the stuff work together. Interoperability is the key enabler of best of breed.”

The BBC will lead the development work on the Incubator, in tandem with Ericsson, SAM, Cinegy, Telestream, Dalet, EVS and Sony, plus six more vendors. BBC R&D will provide reference implementations for the work via its IP Studio project.

“NMI is timely because, as IBC has shown, the industry is standing at a crossroads on the journey to a network-based future,” said Gilmer. “The JTNM reference architecture established a number of core areas where there really has to be a meeting of the minds if things are going to work together in an IP environment. These things are timing, identity, registration and discovery.

“The joint report says it is really important for the industry to get IP right, and the NMI project is about turning that into realty,” he added., 3.A19A