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Ikegami to unveil UHD 2/3-inch system camera

The new UHK-430 camera from Ikegami uses three 2/3-inch UHD-native (3840×2160) CMOS sensors with RGB prism optics for 24 million pixels resolution (eight million per sensor).

Designed for both studio and field use, the Ikegami UHK-430 has a newly developed power-efficient ASIC digital signal processor, features of which include 16-axis colour correction. The processor also drives the hybrid log gamma transfer characteristic for high dynamic range.

The UHK-430 is capable of ultra-wide bandwidth 40Gbps signal transmission using standard SMPTE hybrid fibre/copper camera cable with uncompressed 4:4:4 resolution RGB delivery of the UHD video signal, also multiple HD channels from the CCU to camera, including multiple return video feeds and two HD prompter video channels, plus one HD trunk channel from camera to CCU. A Gigabit Ethernet connection is also available for external use.

The CCU has simultaneous UHD and HD outputs, with HD cutout available from the UHD output. A plug-in output module supports flexible UHD signal formats including Quad 3G, 12G, and IP.

The camera’s two-piece construction allows the sensor unit to be replaced with a separate sensor unit for a jib and other special applications. The company said there will also be a large optical format unit for cine-style depth of field, plus a high framerate unit for smooth slo-motion replay. There is also a larger, UHK-435 companion studio camera.

Stand Number: 12.A31