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IBC Posters move to Art Gallery

In a new departure for IBC the always popular Poster presentations will this year be presented in their own technology Art Gallery (located in the Future Zone). The exhibits are wholly international with contributions from Russia, South Korea, Europe, the Americas and India. The authors will be present to explain their concepts on Friday and Saturday.

The changes should make it easier for delegates to question authors and have them explain what are always the very latest in research and innovation in broadcast and communications. The Poster topics are a natural extension of IBC’s conference and complement many of the subjects presented in the IBC2014 Conference Technical Papers and Technology Stream sessions.

In particular, this year’s themes are focused on some extremely ‘hot’ topics, not least:

  • Ultra HDTV: including IP production studios for UHDTV, de-interlacing SD/HD for UHD delivery and transmission of UHDTV using legacy technology
  • 3D audio & video: presenting experiments in 3D immersive audio perception, real-time editing of multiple live 3D video feeds and creation of 3D images
  • New studio technologies: with a studio profile HEVC codec, techniques for visual quality metrics and advances in handling video over IP
  • Developments in transmission: proposing innovative bit rate reduction schemes for multimedia, video surveillance via DTV networks and remote activation of DTV receivers
  • Latest Applications: showing cloud-based architectures for interactive sports, audience segmentation using ‘Big Data’ solutions and music generation by crowd-sourcing

The Poster presentations enable IBC to show the very latest ideas and results by research organisations from all over the world in the exciting and buzzing atmosphere of the Future Zone. There is a great opportunity to see all the Posters and Future Zone exhibits on Friday 12 September at 16:00, when the IET hosts an open drinks reception celebrating the achievements of the authors and exhibitors, acknowledging the glimpses of the future that they are providing, and announcing the publication of the acclaimed ‘Best of IET & IBC’ Technology Journal for 2014.