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Hybrid fibre and satellite UHD truck

The new TES52 hybrid fibre and satellite Ultra HD truck from BT Media & Broadcast has been designed to broadcast live UHD/4K sports events.

Built by systems integrator and mobile broadcast production specialist Megahertz (12.F20), it’s the first truck in the UK with the ability to transmit HD and UHD/4K via fibre and satellite simultaneously.

TES52 can transmit HD and UHD pictures from anywhere via its roof-mounted satellite dish KU-band antenna or via fibre from any of the 150+ UK sites that are already hooked up to the BT fibre network, which can then be routed onto either BT Tower or to a customer’s premises.

The links truck went into service at the end of July, covering Speedway from Manchester (transmitting one of both UHD and HD links on satellite).

In August it, covered four premier league football matches providing three UHD and three HD links on fibre and a UHD link on satellite as a back up.