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High-speed file transfer gets virtual boost

IBM company Aspera’s IBC line up includes Files, FASPStream, Orchestrator and Aspera Virtual Catcher (AVC).

The latter is a new application that works in conjunction with Aspera Cargo or Point to Point through a set of purpose-built workflows, combined with configuration and status screens, to ensure pitched packages are completely received, validated and handed off to the recipient’s content management system. AVC validates received files with the ADI 1.1 specification and passes the content via direct API integration with leading CMS systems.

Built on Aspera FASP technology, Aspera Files is SaaS that runs on IBM Cloud, developed for high-speed sharing, distributing and managing large files.

FASPStream is a new software line (that also relies on FASP) enabling live streaming of broadcast-quality video globally over commodity internet networks.

According to Aspera, “less than five seconds of start-up delay is required for 50Mbps video streams transported over 250 milliseconds round-trip latency and three per cent packet loss, sufficient for 4K streaming between continents”.

Orchestrator 2.5, Aspera’s workflow orchestration platform, has new plug-ins for Dalet, Xytech, SGL FlashNet, Marquis, Emotion, ShowMgr, ARRIS CMM, DATDV, SAM, Fortium, Ateme, Minnetonka, MOG and Baton — and roughly 150 third-party plug-ins in total.