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HDR and 8K Weapon

Live monitoring of high dynamic range, a working 8K prototype camera, and a wide range of new options are amongst Red’s latest introductions. The cameras can now also record Apple’s ProRes, up to 4K 4:2:2 HQ 60fps or 2K 4:4:4 XQ, as well as simultaneously recording Redcode Raw. WiFi has been added in the camera body, to use either Red or third-party apps to control the camera.

The first 8K Weapon, with the lightest, strongest forged carbon fibre body, is on the Zeiss stand (11.F50), fitted with a 70-200mm Zeiss Compact Zoom, which gives the most complete coverage of the Weapon’s 8K sensor. It uses the small new Weapon body (also available in magnesium and woven carbon fibre), but with a new sensor, and should ship by the end of the year.

Unlike the Dragon, which had its fan inlet at the front (which could cause noise on set), the Weapon has its fan inlet at the back, using the front to house two on-board microphones, so users always have a reference audio track.

The camera comes with no connections, but users can now choose a very lightweight new Jetpack, designed for use on drones, or the high-end Weapon Redvolt Expander, with a wide array of I/O connectors plus space for a single Redvolt battery for hot-swap support.

“One of the weak points of our system has been the EVF,” admitted Michael Rintoul, senior technical product specialist. However, its new EVF is much more compact, “and one of the brightest viewfinders on the market.” There is also a new, smaller fold-down 4.7-inch
LCD monitor.

The HDR-2084 option uses the quad outputs of the Redcast module (developed for live broadcast use) to offer four different LUTs at once, and supports HDR monitors, such as Dolby, on whose stand (2.A11) it is also being shown., 11.C70