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Genius Digital and GfK: Analytics for big data

A shared vision around the ‘big data dilemma’ in the broadcast world is at the heart of the Genius Digital and Gfk demonstrations taking place in Hall 14 this year.

In May this year, GfK became the majority shareholder in Genius Digital, a move which brings to the fore the synergies between GfK’s market research business and Genius Digital’s realtime data analysis technology.

At IBC, both companies are addressing the difficulties linked to handling the vast quantities of data generated in today’s broadcast world. This data is an invaluable source of capital for operators, enabling them to analyse audiences, monitor churn rates and optimise their services, yet collecting and managing it often requires the use of disparate analytics tools.

Together, Genius Digital’s Insight Platform and Gfk’s market research business enable pay TV operators to make sense of relevant data.

Using realtime data collection technology, the Insight Platform integrates multiple data sets for a single view of the customer across all platforms. It delivers a tailored solution around content and subscriber insights, personalised targeting and retention, ad optimisation, UX insights and realtime QoE monitoring.