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Focus on shared storage

StorNext 5 shared storage architecture, which includes high-performance online storage, extended online storage and tape- and cloud-based archives, is being showcased by Quantum. The company is also highlighting StorNext Connect, a management and monitoring console that provides an ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard of the entire StorNext environment.

StorNext 5 is a workflow storage platform designed by Quantum to support content production, distribution and archive.

The company emphasised the system’s performance and efficiencies, claiming that StorNext 5 automatically moves data across different storage technologies while maintaining full control of the data. Quantum said that because StorNext 5 had been engineered from the ground up to deliver high-resolution, collaborative post and broadcast workflows, the end-to-end system can both simplify and accelerate monetisation of content in digital libraries.

The company is also demonstrating how StorNext connects to MAMs, nonlinear editing systems and other tools.