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Flexible and portable LED lighting

By Mark Hallinger

Two LED products for broadcasting are being showcased, BRIKS and an all-terrain lighting product. LEDIXIS said that both of these EXALUX branded products are made in France and are energy-efficient. They offer a full spectrum colour reproduction and are precisely tunable from 2900K to 6000K (factory calibrated).

The BRIKS is a 9×9 cm square ultraportable and intense LED lighting system created for tricky shots, small spaces and awkward angles. LEDIXIS said this product has been called the Lego of lights, by users, as several BRIKS can be connected in a variety of ways (4×1, 3×2, 2×2, and so on) to create a bespoke lighting shape. One BRIK provides 800 lumens, and is powered via a battery pack or AC adapter.

A new accessory for the system is the Splitter control system. Specifically designed for BRIKS, this allows a user to place several BRIKS in the corners of a room with each group controlled separately (CCT and intensity) from a single controller and a tablet.

A new product on display is the all-terrain, which provides up to 5000 lumen on a 27x27cm square weather-sealed LED panel. The all-terrain is powered with a V-lock battery for up to five hours with no colour shift, or with an AC adapter. It can be controlled by DMX or Bluetooth.