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Nanguang Photographic Equipment :Flexible three-light LED kit

A compact new portable LED lighting kit has been introduced by Nanguang, containing all most users will need to shoot an interview. The lights can be used individually on camera, on the included stands, or lock together to form a larger panel.

The three 30W dimmable CN-5400Pro LED lights come in two versions, a 5600K daylight unit, or a bi-colour model that can switch between 5600K and 3200K.

For power the 575g lights take 7.2-12v DC or 100-240v AC. They can take Sony NP-FH, NP-FM or NP-F series batteries and the kit comes with six sets of AA battery packs, plus six Panasonic battery adapters (for CGR-D series batteries). Each light can take two (swappable) batteries for extended usage.

Each light comes with a set of filters (diffuser, extra soft diffuser and orange filter). There are also three lighting stands, and each light has a flexible handle that can be bent to reposition the light by between 15º and 45º. There is also a soft carrying bag.