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Lighting designed to be Versatile

The new Versatile LED Light is a highly portable, flexible (foldable), rain proof, bi-colour system that comes in two models. The V58C is offered in four versions, while the V116C, which is double the power and light output, has two versions.

They can all be used with V-lock batteries or AC power.

The colour of the softlight tiles is adjustable between 3200K and 5600K, and the brightness control can be via WiFi (using an app), 2.4GHz remote or dimmer.

The V58C versions are: a 28.8W 600x350x20mm; 57.6W 1120x350x20mm; 57.6W 600x600x20mm; and 115.2W 1120x600x20mm, while the 115W V116C comes as either 1120x350x20mm or 600x600x20mm versions. They include collapsible square or rectangular frames, backing, diffusion and control box.