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Aeos gets a handle on portable lighting

The new Aeos bi-colour, location LED light uses an ultra-thin design (just 1cm thick) for improved portability.

Sunny Kataria, UK sales manager, Rotolight, said: “It is a creative, portable light that allows you to be more flexible, a lightweight alternative to the larger Anova Pro.”

Weighing less than 1.5kg, the design includes two aluminium handles for hand-held use. This is a response to the way that many customers already use the Anova, where someone holds it instead of putting it on a stand – this is particularly so for photographers (the Aeos has a built-in flash that is 250 per cent brighter than its normal continuous output).

Aeos can deliver output of 5,750 lux at 90cm, with a TLCI of 91, adjustable between 3150K and 6300K. The 42W light can run for three hours at 100 per cent power on a single 95Wh battery.

Aeos does not have a traditional yoke, which typically limits movement of the light to just 30-40º of tilt. Instead, it includes a professional level ball head, providing complete 360º rotation and 200º of tilt when mounted on a light stand. The solid aluminium ball

head can support the full weight of the Aeos with battery and barn doors mounted, at any angle.