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Five Streams ahead for Conference success

As well as now being restructured into distinct days, each one of which tells a separate part of the innovation story of our industry, the IBC Conference is also carefully curated into five separate streams. This acknowledges that any snapshot of the current industry, and roadmap of the future one, needs cogent input from the thought-leaders currently working across the triumvirate of content, business innovation and technical development. It also helps delegates to manage their time effectively and concentrate on the sessions that matter to them and to their business.

The Strategic Insights stream will provide high-level insights and actions relating to each day’s theme. What are the latest developments in realtime audience tracking and what are the consequent implications for new advertising models? What will the television experience of 2020 be like, for those on both sides of the glass? What are the liable impacts of the cloud at all levels of the business, and what should people be doing about it now?

Visitors to the Business Operations & Content Innovation streams will experience practical sessions that assess the real world implications of the innovation story in content creation and distribution underpinned by leading-edge case studies. How is archive to be monetised? What new formats plug into what new business opportunities? Where does Big Data fit in to advances in audience engagement and what are the steps required to exploit it? From changes in the way that natural history programming is presented to the promise of wholly IP-centric workflows, this stream is all about maximising the opportunities and minimising the risk.

The Advances in Technology stream, meanwhile, provides an in-depth examination of the very latest technological innovations at all stages of the pipeline, from production to delivery (with much about the Ultra HD rollout and beyond slated for this year). And finally, the free-to-attend Industry Insights Conference Stream gives all of IBC’s attendees a chance to sample the debate and discussion that makes up the IBC Conference itself and includes the three ‘What Caught My Eye’ sessions.

Add in the chance to network with some of the leading thinkers in the industry and measure strategies, planning and implementation against an active and engaged peer group, and it’s easy to see why the IBC Conference remains such a powerful draw year after year.