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Meet the colourist

Asa Shoul, senior colourist, Molinare TV & Film, talks stylistic differences, natural light and beautiful grading


Engineering with wisdom

Neal Romanek talks with Naomi Climer, former president of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, about the future of work and how diversity feeds...


Keeping it Local

On 26th May, radio stations around the UK will join forces to celebrate Local Radio Day. This year’s event is the second of its...


Driving engagement

George Jarrett talks to Fabrice Hamaide, CFO and president of Piksel, about the huge advantages that come with a micro services architecture. Netflix and...


British Pathé goes OTT

Holly Ashford talks to British Pathé managing director Roger Felber, and OwnZones CEO Dan Gorman, about a new VoD service from one of the...


CABSAT 2016 interview

TVBEurope caught up with exhibitions director Andrew Pert, to find out more about the 22nd edition of the show. Entertainment and media spend in...


Great Scott!

The second annual TVBAwards saw the spotlight shine brightly on the career of Adrian Scott, the hugely admired and widely respected industry veteran who...


A new investment horizon

Telestream announced earlier this month that it is to be acquired by private investment equity firm Genstar Capital. TVBEurope caught up with Dan Castles,...


AirTies and the wireless world

AirTies’ executive chairman and co-founder, Bulent Celebi spoke to Holly Ashford about the design and development of software and hardware to wirelessly stream video...


Newstag – you’re it

There was good news for Swedish-based Newstag last week, when the crowd-curated video news service announced it had secured $1.3 million of seed funding.


In the mix

As part of our Audio for Broadcast focus, this month’s Forum gathers leaders in the field of sound mixing.