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Enhanced Project Parking makes Euro debut at IBC

The recently updated post production archive and retrieve application Project Parking is making its European debut at IBC.

With the release of version 4 from Marquis Broadcast, the product is now capable of managing more aspects of Avid storage.

It also allows users to monitor how media storage is used, providing regular reports on usage, showing usage over time, archiving projects and executing analysis while other tasks are being performed.

Further products on show at IBC in the same Parking family include Solo Parking, for standalone Avid edit workstations, Unify Parking, for copying projects onto shared central storage, and Workspace Parking, Marquis’ ‘set and forget’ disaster recovery solution for Avid workspaces.

Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast said, “Our original solution identified how space was used, removed unused and duplicate media, archived projects and moved projects with media to other storage or systems.

Projects could also be merged from other systems without media duplication. The enhanced Project Parking Version 4 now does this and more. It has become a complete Avid storage management solution.”

Marquis is also showing Edit Bridge for the first time at IBC. In its first incarnation it is a set of panels in Adobe Premiere Pro CC that allows a user to search Avid Interplay, find media or sequences, and then edit them in place directly off ISIS shared storage.