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Disasters averted with Cloud DVR enhancement

OTT and IPTV software vendor Anevia is announcing the launch of Disaster Recovery, as an extension of its Cloud DVR offer.

Last year at IBC, Anevia announced that its Cloud DVR would include an Embedded Distributed Storage solution. The addition of Disaster Recover, a ‘dual site’ solution, is said to allow operators to guarantee that their subscribers will never lose a recorded piece of content.

Recordings are stored on two synchronised platforms. Even if one fails, Anevia claimed, the recordings are safe and accessible by the viewer forever. Disaster Recovery is also designed to optimise bandwidth usage and network link traffic.

Anevia has already deployed Disaster Recovery with its long-standing customer, net+, in Switzerland. This multimedia service provider has relied on Anevia’s Cloud DVR, timeshifting and catchup TV solutions for a number of years to keep up with new TV consumption trends.

The company turned to Disaster Recovery to solve the problem of migrating its offer from an IPTV platform to an OTT platform, without losing any recorded content, and while ensuring continuity of service with its users.