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Datum deal in the airCommunications

A newly announced sales and support partnership with Datum Systems is a topic of conversation on the SpacePath stand.

Under the terms of the partnership, SpacePath will provide distribution and technical support for Datum’s range of modems, creating a one-stop-shop for customers. SpacePath will have the capability to configure, upgrade and support Datum’s modems which are often acquired together with RF amplifiers.

Newton Burnet, managing director, SpacePath, said: “This partnership with Datum is the ideal fit for our satcom business as both RF amplifiers and modems are now available from a single company.”
David Koblinski, senior vice president, Datum Systems, said: “As a global leader in cost and bandwidth efficient modem products for both traditional and high-throughput satellites, this agreement is great news for Datum and our European customers.

By partnering with SpacePath, we can extend our global presence and ensure our products are fully supported by a leading satcom company with immense experience in the EMEA satellite markets.”