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Dark fibre lowers transmission cost

Ikegami has developed a new lower-cost camera transmission system using single, dark fibre cables, which can carry multiple uncompressed HD signals, or 4K, over distances of up to 40km.

“The signal is packetised at a very fast speed, less than 200 microseconds (0.2 milliseconds), point-to-point, based on a new type of SFP module,” a small form-factor pluggable transceiver, said Masanori Kondo, president, Ikegami Europe.

The new HTR-100 Multi-video Fibre Optic Transmission unit, which will ship after IBC, can stream up to eight HD-SDI channels (it can also be configured 4-in/4-out, or 6+2). The dark fibre cables are much thinner, lighter and less expensive than SMPTE cable (although the unit can also use SMPTE Hybrid fibre to carry power as well as signals, but the power transmission distance is only about 1km). It can also multiplex data, CCU controls and tally.

It can transmit up to 10Gbps in both directions, but can also be fitted with a less expensive SFP that is only unidirectional (10Gbps per fibre).

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