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Core update streamlines workflows

An update to the Dejero Core software shared by all of its transmitters and receivers now offers streamlined broadcast clip and asset management workflows.

As the transmitters are often used to record clips, and not just for live workflows, many broadcasters have defined workflows automating the movement of the clips into their media management tools, using watch folders. This automation provides access to production staff who need to trim, apply overlays, and other pre-broadcast tasks, and the latest Core update simplifies and supports this clip workflow.

Clip and file transfer rates have also been upcapped to allow fuller bandwidth use for faster transfers.

The algorithms for safely managing bandwidth usage across all servers, which prioritise live streams ahead of transfers, have also been enhanced to identify and manage bottlenecks, whether at an individual server or the network bandwidth available at the station.

Bill Nardi, VP of broadcast integration and global support at Dejero, said: “The beauty of our Core software is that we are able to quickly and efficiently deploy new features and performance enhancements across our customers’ fleet of transmitters and receivers, further extending the capabilities of their equipment.”