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Canon: Sky monitors 4K SGO post

Sky has ordered Canon’s DP-V3010 4K professional reference displays for threehigh-end SGO Mistika post production suites. The DP-V3010 uses Canon’s own custom-developed image processor, to ensure consistent brightness and colour, making it easier to achieve a higher level of uniformity across the entire screen during post production editing.

The monitor automatically corrects any changing colour and luminosity over the course of time, to guarantee stable display performance and high levels of reliability.

“Our Mistika systems sit at the centre of our workflow and the exceptionally advanced colour grading functions demand monitors that enable us to edit footage accurately. Having tested many 4K screens currently in the market, the Canon DP-V3010 performed the best for our production needs,” said Cara Cheeseman, Sky’s senior operations manager for entertainment and creative.

The DP-V3010’s 4096×2560 resolution means that its IPS LCD panel can display native DCI 4K video (4096×2160) without any scaling. The 30-inch reference screen also offers a wide 178° viewing angle.