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Cam Tank rocks up for low PoV shots

The Cam Tank rocker plate is MSE’s new offering for very low angle shots while retaining the ability to do smooth camera moves.

Tyler Phillips, VP of product development and marketing at MSE, said, “During many of my set visits, I would see the camera operator and AC sitting on the ground, with the camera resting on a sandbag in an effort to get a low PoV.

I would hear the DP or director asking for a camera pan, which is very difficult and sometimes impossible to do on a sandbag.”

The answer: Cam Tank. It accepts both large camera plates and direct mounting, and is also useful for Dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head, or shots designed to be pointed straight down off a fluid head or jib.

The first Cam Tank off the production line was bought by DP/operator Lance Fisher SOC, who commented, “Low shots, the person-sitting-at-desk shot, the low angle tilt-up to the hand holding the phone, pan that dog’s face low along the floor, etc.

The Cam Tank gets you a good 12in [30cm] lower than a fluid head without sacrificing control.”

Fisher also likes that it has more vertical and horizontal 3/8-16 holes on the base.

“You can mount the Cam Tank onto another head and create a Dutch shot or a partial third axis,” he said. “Nice rubber non-skid feet.

It’s built like… well, it’s builtlike a tank.”