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Broad update for LogServer

Version 10 software for the LogServer line of products is on display, created to provide 24/7 multi-channel recording, live monitoring and transport stream analysis of SDI, ASI/IP, and OTT broadcast sources.

LogServer Version 10 includes updated hybrid proxy, MPEG and OTT monitoring including new special panels for TS events, and extended support for TS events including HbbTV, new watermark detection including realtime monitoring and notifications, and extended DVB subtitle monitoring including OCR.

LogServer provides broadcasters with applications across Windows, Mac, web and mobile platforms. Supported SD and HD input formats range from baseband, ASI, IP to OTT.

LogServer users can review, extract and analyse live and recorded contents across multiple channels via the LogPlayer interface, while TSAnalyzer provides engineers with transport stream analysis.

Mediaproxy’s LogPlayer user interface works across multiple distributed servers recording H.264 and HLS proxy media and native MPEG formats in parallel.