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Bridge Technologies: Now with added OTT

Now integrating OTT services alongside conventional linear streams, in what is said to be an easy-to-read visual style, the new version of the VB288 Objective QoE Content Extractor from Bridge Technologies is on show at IBC2014. Running on a standard high-specification server, the VB288 delivers visual content verification with Objective QoE, graphical status displays and alerts to a remote videowall display that can be viewed through any web browser and can power displays of large numbers of MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 and H.265/HEVC channels in multiple browser windows. Operators can mix and match between TS streams and OTT services.

According to Bridge, the VB288 provides a highly effective validation tool that is easily adaptable to any monitoring strategy, and readily usable by busy engineers remotely.

“The theme for us at IBC is ‘how to keep it simple’,” said Simen K. Frostad, chairman, Bridge Technologies, “how to avoid drowning in the complexity of today’s media technology and keep an operation efficient and profitable. We’re bringing great new products to the show that help users do exactly that – whether in terrestrial, satellite, IPTV or OTT – together with a radical new model for system maintenance that includes high-value added services for our customers.”

The VB243 is the latest addition to Bridge Technologies’ line of Intelligent Redundancy Switch products. Providing carrier-grade intelligent redundancy switching, the VB243 monitors two signals from dual production chains and switches to the backup chain if the main chain fails. A sophisticated automatic decision engine uses Bridge’s ETR290 analysis functionality and compares error condition results against user defined rules.

According to Bridge, it far outstrips the simple ETR290 alarm analysers and black box switchers broadcasters have used until now, offering a rich feature set with powerful analysis and standalone decision capabilities that makes it the most comprehensive and versatile ASI redundancy switching solution available.