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Avid: Artist Suite updated

Avid is demonstrating the latest updates to its Artist Suite of creative tools for audio, video and live sound production.

This includes new versions of Pro Tools|S6 and System 5, which run on the Avid Media Central Platform.

The System 5 version 6.0 software update provides full support for and integration with Dolby Atmos, Dolby’s immersive object-based sound format.

New features in Pro Tools|S6 software version 1.2 include VCA spill, the ability to spill VCA slaves onto the surface from a VCA master to access and update as necessary; multi-workstation layouts, the ability to map channels onto the surface from any of EUCON-connected DAW – side by side; an expand mode, providing the ability to expand a plug-in and its parameters across a single or double knob module; and audio editing from an S6 channelstrip, meaning that a user can fade in or out a clip, trim the head or tail, slip or nudge it in time or adjust its clip gain. Version 1.2 also includes the ability to vary the scrolling waveform speed, gain reduction enhance-ments, and an integrated DVI switcher control.