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Automating camera ingest

Presented as a new option within its flagship media processing and transformation platform, IBC has provided a European debut for Telestream’s Vantage Camera Ingest capability. This includes support for cameras that use multiple files such as those from Panasonic P2, Sony and Canon.

Telestream’s software-based system is aimed at creating time savings for post production and news users by enabling ‘hands-free’ batch ingest, processing, time-alignment, and stitching of camera media. Telestream noted that in doing so, these workflow automation capabilities remove the processes of manually browsing, linking, importing and transcoding clips, which all take away from editing time.

According to Telestream, the option allows users to create camera-specific hot folders, which can watch either card readers or folders on hard drives. These hot folders understand complex camera file formats, and allow users to prescribe rules for shot detection, stitching and ingest. Software running on servers then automates ingest, transcoding and import of shots into the editing system.

The company added that Vantage detects shots, and automatically links spanned clips; when a complete shot is available, it is automatically transcoded and prepared for editing. For Avid Interplay environments, multi-resolution clips can be created automatically in Interplay while allowing frame chase editing.