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Autocue: Newsroom integration arrives on cue

New newsroom integration tools that enable a prompter to automatically jump to any story selected in a newsroom running order and for script edits on the prompter to be mirrored in the newsroom computer system (NRCS), are two unique features that Autocue is adding to its system.

The first new is via support for the roElementStat MOS command, which allows a director to skip ahead to another story in the running order and the teleprompter to automatically display the corresponding section of script. This “eliminates the need for the operator to react to the director’s instructions and jump to the correct point, or for a presenter to have to scroll ahead themselves to try and find the right point to pick up the story,” said Rachid Anis, Autocue CTO.

Profile 7 support in AP ENPS allows two-way communication between prompter and NRCS. Normally, scripts are prepared in the NRCS and output to the prompter, with any changes having to be made in the NRCS. However, profile 7 allows Autocue to enable changes made by the prompter operator to be reflected in the AP ENPS system. “It is much easier for the teleprompter operator, who is working on the script, to make changes locally on the prompter machine under the direction of the production team. Until now, this has not been possible,” explained Anis.

It has also announced support for the latest MOS protocol versions 2.8.3 and 2.8.4, plus support for “Buddy Server failover mode” in AP ENPS. If the primary NRCS system is unavailable, the prompter will respond to backup (buddy) server MOS commands.

“Now that we are no longer in competition [following the sale of its Workflow division to AQ Broadcast], we are building much stronger development relationships with newsroom providers.” It aims “to create the best possible newsroom integration and MOS support.”