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Autocue: Connecting newsrooms to iPads

The new QMaster Remote will enable Autocue users to easily deliver the latest newsroom or studio rundown to an iPad in the field. It can take any live updates from the newsroom computer system via Autocue’s QMaster PC software application and exported them to an FTP or Dropbox account. One further push of a button and the rundown is downloaded to the iAutocue app on the iPad.

“For several years, studios and newsrooms have been using our QMaster/QBox solution to connect, with continuous updates, to a field-based teleprompter. QMaster Remote extends similar functionality to the iPad, making prompting in the field even more portable and cost effective,” said Autocue CEO, Richard Satchell.

The iPad can be mounted on one of Autocue’s lightweight prompter rigs, or the video output from the iAutocue app can control a traditional teleprompter monitor, using the iPad as an edit station and scroll device.

QMaster Remote will be available to existing QMaster users as a low-cost, software upgrade. New users can buy it as part of a QMaster/QBox purchase, or standalone as a cut-down, on-location prompter.

Autocue’s QMaster/QBox is an IP-based prompting system. QMaster communicates with the QBox scroll engine via Ethernet (wired or wireless). This means the QBox can be positioned any distance from the operator and the PC, being fed with live, continuous updates from the newsroom system. The video is generated locally (on location) so there is no delay between what the operator sees and scrolls in the studio and what the presenter sees on location.